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Absorbent Dog Bathrobe

Absorbent Dog Bathrobe

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Save more time to take care of your pet after taking a bath, swimming, shower or a walk on rainy days with Absorbent Dog Bathrobe. Protect your dog from getting cold and keep it warm and cozy.

THE FAST & EASY WAY TO DRY YOUR DOG: The premium microfibre dog drying bathrobe is the easiest and most effective way to quickly remove mud, wetness, sand and grime from your pet's coat after they've been adventuring in the Great Outdoors!

FAST ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRY: This bathrobe is very soft and ultra-absorbent. It shows much better water absorption which can help to absorb the water quickly after a bath or wet walk outside.

SUPERIOR SOFT MATERIAL: Our Bath Robe is made of high-quality material. It is soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear.

EASY TO PUT ON/ TAKE OFF: Our Dog Bathrobe is designed with tape on the collar and waist. Easily just pop it over your dog's head and adjust waist and neck range with hook and loop according to your dog size and take off quickly.

EASY TO CLEAN: These towels can be machine washed and trumble dry, air dry or sundry. Designed to last and be durable.

RANGE OF SIZES FOR ALL BREEDS: Regardless of whether you have a tiny terrier or a large Labrador and have got a bathrobe in perfect size. As well it is big enough for your pet to lay down in, offering supreme comfort for them.



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