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Organic Catgrass

Organic Catgrass

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Certified Organic Cat Grass

Indoor Wellness: Indoor cats* often try to satisfy their craving for greens by munching on houseplants. Our Organic Cat Grass provides a life-enriching, safe alternative.

Healthy Digestion:Help your cat achieve optimal indoor wellness with fresh and gentle green fiber that supports digestive health - a natural hairball treat.

Nutrient-Rich: All-natural, organic Cat Grass is a superfood that is packed with chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, protein and antioxidants.

Why do cats eat grass?

While dogs are considered omnivores and cats carnivores, both are able to digest plants and utilize their nutrients. One theory suggests that dogs and cats used to get greens in the wild when hunting smaller grass-eating prey, but lack this green nutrition in domesticated diets, which is why introducing organic grass into their diets can improve your pets’ health.

No Green Thumb Required!

Easy Cat Grass Care & Play Tips

1. Open the bag, fold or cut off the edge

The Bag itself is the container, please do not throw it away

2. Add 200ml water to soak the paper.

3. Keep ventilated and take it to have a sunbathe for a while.

4. Don’t water it every day. Only water it when the upper part of the paper getting dry

5. After 5-7 days, harvest your cat grass.

One pack of cat grass can be harvested 2-3 times.

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