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Cat Kangaroo Hoodie

Cat Kangaroo Hoodie

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Calling all cat people out there.... Now you can finally have the ultimate cuddle session with your beloved kitty!

If you have a cat that loves cuddles, attention, and being near you, this is the ultimate hoodie for you! A cat in a sweater - cuteness alert!

This is also the perfect gift idea for a cat person / cat fan or infamous "cat lady" (no shame, cats are the best!)

You simply open the cat pouch / pocket with the zipper and "insert" your cat. Then you open the cat peephole so that your cat can follow everything you do! The best team ever.

Please remember that it is not all cats that will like being inside the pouch.

If you have a long-haired cat, being inside there may become very warm for him/her so remember to give your furry one a break when needed :)

For all the cat lovers and furry admirers out there!

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