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Interactive Smart Laser Toy

Interactive Smart Laser Toy

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  • Product Size: 7.35cm*7cm (2.89" * 2.76")
  • Product color: white


  • 3 automatic working modes.
  • USB charging.
  • Multi angle adjustment.
  • Hands free.


How to adjust the modes:

--Automatic mode: The toy turns on for 10 minutes then turns off for 1.5 hours, then repeats again.

  • First button press: Slow-Fast mode (Blue light)
  • Second button press: Slow mode (Purple light)
  • Third button press: Fast mode (Yellow light)
  • Fourth button press: Power off and light off

--Manual Mode: The manual mode is useful if you want to control the toy with your hands.

  • Long press the button: Manual Mode (Green light)


How to install:

First press the sucker on a clean glass/wall surface with force, and then install the toy on the sucker.


Charging tips:

Low Voltage: Red light flashes quickly

Charging: Red light flashes regularly

Full Charged: Red light is always on

Charging Time: 2 hours


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