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Lick Mat

Lick Mat

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What does Rover verified mean?

If a product has been Rover verified, that means it has been tested or enthusiastically reviewed by pet people. All Rover verified products meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • It’s been tested in person. This means it’s been chewed on, played with, rolled in, worn, tugged on, thrown across the park, etc. depending on the intended use.
  • It has enthusiastic reviews from either a member of Rover’s Dog People panel, a 5-star pet sitter on Rover, and/or a Rover team member and their pets.
  • It’s been rated highly on quality, ease of use, and how it helps to improve people’s bonds with their pets.

How do I clean my lick mat? 

These lick mats are safe to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher. If using a stickier treat like peanut butter we recommend soaking prior to washing.

What makes lick mats good for dogs?

When animals lick repetitively, endorphins are released in their brains, promoting a feeling of calm. This makes them a soothing solution to anxiety and boredom by distracting them with a yummy treat. They’re also great for dogs who eat too quickly by slowing down mealtimes and can prevent overfeeding of treats since it takes so long to lick out every last bit. Lick mats can also support better digestion by stimulating saliva production and promote healthier teeth and gums.

How can I make a lick mat treat last longer?

The more complex the pattern, the longer it typically takes a dog to get a lick mat clean. Look for mats with lots of small nooks and crannies. You can also spread on a soft treat and then freeze the lick mat to help it last longer and to cool your dog down on hot days. Lastly, the stickier the treat the longer it tends to last! Try peanut butter over yogurt, for example

Which kinds of food and treats can I put on a lick mat?

You can put just about anything on a lick mat! Peanut butter is a classic that lots of people use because it’s so accessible—just be sure to use a brand that does not contain xylitol as it’s toxic to dogs. 

More ingredients to try:

  • Plain yogurt (without added sweeteners)
  • Mashed dog-safe fruit like apples, blueberries, bananas, or watermelon
  • Cooked and pureed vegetables like carrots, spinach, green beans, or peas
  • Honey in very small amounts
  • Ground meat and fish, cooked and unseasoned
  • Baby food (without xylitol or added sweeteners)
  • Wet dog food and dog treats

Can lick mats go in the microwave?

Absolutely, most lick mats are made from silicone which can withstand the high temperatures of a microwave. You can warm up food or even cook food in the microwave right on your lick mat.

Can cats use lick mats too?

Yes, many cats enjoy the challenge of a lick mat! It’s a great way to slow down speedy eaters too. Try it with wet cat food or cat-specific squeeze treats.


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