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Moving Sandscape

Moving Sandscape

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Are you looking for that little extra atmosphere in your home? Perhaps a moment of peace? This moving sand art in glass will give you just that last bit you need! 🪐


Our moving sand art in glass gives you a relaxing feeling when the sand starts to run. It continues to grab your attention because of the shapes the sand makes⏳. The product is not only nice for your home as a decoration but can also be used well in the office or while working from home, to take your attention away from the world.

Product Benefits
Unique design and high quality
Our moving sand art has a unique design. It works like an hourglass and every time the glass is rotated 180 degrees, the grains of sand gradually flow down with the help of water. This unique design makes it an eye-catcher in your home or office. The moving sand art is handmade in which the details are very finely processed and the colors are rich 💫.

The product is lead free and is made with high quality hand blown glass for a special 3D effect. The product comes with a syringe. This allows you to easily remove any bubbles in the glass. You place the syringe in the hole on the side and can gently suck out the air 💨.

Tip: Also nice to give as a gift!

Relaxing and dynamic image
Each time you turn the moving sand art, you get a different image. Looking at the falling sand and the changing different landscape scenes in the glass, you will feel particularly calm and relaxed. It helps well to take a moment to relax during the sometimes hectic and busy periods 🥱.

Adults and children 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
The product is not just for adults!
Children sometimes have some trouble concentrating or are busy without being able to calm down. The moving sand art can also help children become calm from watching the moving grains of sand in the glass. This way, they also get a moment of peace, and you automatically do too.

Home and office use
The moving sand art is just what you need to give your home or office that little extra touch! It is a feast for the eyes. Do you have a friend, girlfriend or family member that you just can't think of a gift for? This is a gift that will fit in any home 🎁.

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