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Splash Pad

Splash Pad

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No one likes to see their dog suffering from extreme heat. The truth is, dogs are more sensitive to heat than humans because they’re covered in fur. During summer, pets may suffer from heat exhaustion, extreme panting, dehydration, or fatal conditions like heat stroke. As loving pet owners, it is our duty to keep them refreshed, safe and cool. The Splash Pad is here to help those pups beat the heat!  

Only the Best for your Best Buddy!

The Splash Pad is a portable sprinkler mat for dogs, cats, and even kids. What makes this unique? It doesn’t need to be inflated and it can be set up in at least 10 minutes! Simply connect the Splash Pad to your water source through a hose and let the fun begin. It’s specifically designed for paws with claws so it’s not easily punctured or ripped apart.

Beat the heat!

Having a portable and easy-setup bath sprinkler pad is the perfect way for your pets to beat the heat this summer! They will surely enjoy playing with and splashing water around while avoiding heat exhaustion.

Enough size for more fun!

The portable water pad backyard playset measures 100 x 100cm to 150 x150cm, which is spacious enough for 1-5 kids/pets. The colors and patterns stimulate their brain to be creative while splashing.

Bring the fun anywhere!

The Furr Party Foldable Pet Sprinkler Pad is very easy to fold, store, and bring anywhere! You can bring this to your friends’ house for a puppy bath date, and even to the beach during your summer vacation. There’s no need for air pumps! The set-up takes only a few minutes. Just plug the play mat to a garden hose or PVC tubing, and simply adjust the water pressure to lower or higher the spray height.


Other Features: 

 ⭐SUPER DURABLE. The splash pad is PVC materials, which is 35% thicker than other toddler water toys. PVC has a non-slip texture that prevents children from slipping. It uses a thickened spiral interface with no water leakage for simple and convenient installation. The Splash Pad has a large drainage hole and multiple suction holes for fast and convenient drainage.

⭐ANTI-SKID DESIGN.  The rubber-like material used in the bottom of this pool makes it anti-skid. You don’t have to worry about your pets getting injured while splashing around!

⭐MULTI-USE. This spray mat can be used not only by your pets but by your kids as well! 


How to Use:

  1. Put the gasket on the connector.
  2. Install the water pipe connector.
  3. Connect the water pipe to the mat.
  4. Attach a water pipe to the tap and fill the water.
  5. Gather your kids or pets and enjoy!


How much water do I need to put in? 
Answer: You can add as much as you wish, adjust the water from the faucet to your desired water pressure. For your kid’s safety, don’t leave them taking a bath for more than an hour.

Can I just leave it for the next use without dumping the water?
Answer: It is not advisable because mold may form inside the mat if water is left inside for a long time.

Do I need to inflate it before use? 
Answer: No, the water will fill in the insides of the Splash Pad taking up a circular shape and eventually sprinkling water like a fountain.

How often do I have to change water? 
Answer: Dump the water after use. It’s just like taking a bath from the usual shower.


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