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Transparent Pet Trolley Case

Transparent Pet Trolley Case

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If your Pet's loves attention as much as they love to people watch, then this Transparent Cat Travel Trolley Luggage is the cat carrier for you!

360° Transparent design – Gives your pets a comfortable view on their way outdoors. Also allows you to check how’s your feline friend doing inside anytime.

13 Ventilation Air Holes – 5 air holes of 3 cm² each at the top and 8 air holes of 12 cm² each on the sides to provide excellent airflow. The side holes can also be used as feeding windows to slip some treats for your pets! 

Large Space – Spacious enough for your cat?dog to be able to turn and move around in it comfortably.

Noise Absorption – Advanced universal noise absorption wheels provides effortless and silent mobility.

Premium PMMA Material - High strength and excellent impact resistance. Keeps your pets safe and stable with no fear of deformation. 

Telescopic Pole - The pull-up telescopic rod has two levels of adjustments to set as per your need or height. Great for people who get tired carrying crates or backpacks.

Some Pets like the security that comes with when hiding in a traditional carrier, usually a enclosed crate or a fully covered backpack with ventilation holes but lack of visibility inside, while others may feel confined even frightened when you put them into a dark enclosed space and try to relocate it.

Pets who need to keep an eye on what's going on around them will benefit from a transparent carrier because it will make them feel in command and at ease. Or if your Pet is interested or simply enjoys being the center of attention, this will be a better option than the common carriers.

Additional Tips: 

1. Let the Pet explore and get familiar with the trolley first. You can also add in a familiar scent towel/blanket for the dog/cat to feel at home when traveling.Rewards Pets for entering into the travel bag voluntarily.

2. Avoid feeding your Pet 3 hours prior to traveling to prevent motion sickness and anxiety. Bring some snacks and water for the trip.

3. If your Pets needs some view while also requiring some privacy, we recommend placing a thin blanket on the rear side of the trolley, but be careful not to block any air holes. Also this Pet transparent luggage trolley is made up of high quality and environment-friendly material.

4. Remember that you should never take your Pet out on hot summer days with intense sunlight in any carrier, including this. Why would we put our Pet in this situation when we would not sit in the car on a 40℃ summer day?

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